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"Playing Tunes to Help Shake off the Negative"
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Mural Amphitheatre - Bite Of Seattle 2019
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Live Album - Nudestock 2018
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Heading to the Gig - Seattle, WA 2019

The Spin-offs were created from the All-Star Women’s Blues Jam at Spinnaker Bay Brewing in Hillman City. Spinnaker Bay Brewing is now NWPeaks Brewing, and the Jam is no more.

Lea and Dawnzella had so much fun playing together once a month that they decided to form an all-girl band, but some contents shifted and the guitar and bass players left to pursue other projects. Lea looked at Dawnzella and said, “my husband plays guitar”, and Dawnzella said “my husband plays bass”, and they are both man enough to play in an all-girl band!

We play blues, funk, and soul covers with a rock edge. We have our own PA and are available to play bars, taverns, tap rooms, private parties, weddings, and festivals.